​Simon Thompson - Simon is a talented graphic artist and co-owner of Aubrey Design and Marketing Director at Platinum Films, based at Pinewood Studios. Simon cut his teeth in the film industry working on movie posters and promotions for Feref and Kee Scott Associates. Simon is currently story consultant on a series of animated movies about the young Bear Grylls.

Mark Rogers  –Mark is a screenwriter, producer and script editor. His first feature, Deadly Virtues (2014), charted at No.14 in the ITunes Store. Mark has a wealth of experience drafting, rewriting and proofing scripts. He has worked with Raindance Raw Talent and their script editing service and has many links with US producers, to whom he previously recommended one of our own screenplays, Academy of the Dead for a cinematic release. ​

Ian Thomson – Ian is a writer, journalist, film lecturer and fellow of the Royal Literary Society. “An author of great range and sensibility” (Guardian), Ian is an award-winning writer and regular contributor to The Spectator and New Statesman and lecturer on the films of Pasolini.

Vanessa Pethyridge – Vanessa is a media industry accountant who has worked on many successful film and TV features. 

About Us

​​​​​​​​​​​Sam Raven
Sam is a commissioned screenwriter and script consultant currently working on a number of features for the big and small screen. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of cinema and an MA in English from KCL, as well as a background in theatre and stand-up comedy. His favourite films include Casablanca, The Graduate and The Shining.​ Recently, he has co-written a screenplay with Director Nicholas Powell (PRIMAL) and is working on an adaptation of The Brothers Karamazov, for the stage. 


Sean Robinson
Sean works on screenwriting commissions with Ravenous and is currently seeking representation for his first novel. He is a communications specialist with 25+ years writing experience in media and PR. He applies his skewed take on the world to his writing and has a keen eye for the dramatic.  Bride of Frankenstein, In Bruges and, he insists, Uncle Buck are amongst his favourite movies. His screenplay for Virgin Man, an action fantasy feature about the younger years of Jesus, is scheduled to begin filming in Morocco in 2021, directed by Mukul Abhyankar. 

​​Vince Pope

Vince is a BAFTA-nominated veteran of the film industry and as well as being a screenwriter himself, has written the score for countless TV Shows and Films. Vince’s vision and understanding of how to write, direct, score and pitch a film are invaluable skills and inform his own writing and the analytic treatment he gives client’s work.