In-House Projects

The following are just a selection of our in-house projects.

Doyle: Fear and Wonder – a dramatisation of the life of Arthur Conan Doyle is in early treatment phase and pending a partnership with a successful Netflix producer, who is trying to secure development budget.

New Troy  is a six-parter about  a young man who teams up with the New Trojans, a bizarre underground community and accidental guardians of London’s spirit, to stop a power-crazed politician bringing the capital to its knees. With pilot and full treatment written, a well-respected producer has now come on board to help get this greenlit.

Time's Breath  is a 10-part series where four people living 800 years apart become unwitting players in the battle for mankind’s soul when their emotions begin to bleed through time affecting each other’s lives. The pilot and treatment for this breathtaking and ambitious project are in place; and we are currently seeking to pitch this to a major broadcaster.​​

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